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Inactivate Termed Employees and Keep Your User List Up-To-Date

It is important to keep your user database in the VENZA Peak eLearning Platform (or your private LMS ) up to date, as this will ensure accurate reporting and compliance status. All new hires that are required to participate in the training, should be added to VENZA Peak either through the Add Single User feature, Add Multiple Users feature or via a Bulk Upload. The article below will guide you through Inactivating any employees, who have been terminated, are on furlough, are taking a leave of absence or are working only during a particular season. 

Any employee that is no longer working at your property or location should be Inactivated in the VENZA Peak platform. This will ensure that they do not misconstrue your training records, but it will keep all user data and the learning history preserved in case of an audit or a breach. This also applies to any employees taking leave, sabbatical or working only seasonally. 

How to Inactivate an Employee

  1. First, select User Manager from the Manage drop-down menu in VENZA Peak.
  2. Then search for the profile of the employee who needs to be inactivated – you can either search for a specific use or load all users without filters.
  3. Next, tick the box on the left hand side next to the employee’s name – you can multiselect several employees at once if needed.
  4. Now, click on the Inactivate button on the bottom of the screen!

How to Activate an Employee

If your employee is rehired, they come back from their leave of absence or return for the season, you can re-activate their profile in the same way. 

  1. Tick the box on the left hand side of the screen next to the employee’s name or select multiple employees if needed.
  2. Then click on the Activate button located at the bottom of the screen.

What Does the Delete Button Do?

You might notice there is also a Delete button available. However, if you chose to delete an employee, all their training records will be permanently erased and their profile will be deleted in its entirety. We do want to preserve the training history and user data in case there is a breach or an audit, so Delete should be only used for duplications in the system. 

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