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How to certify your employees after a group training session

If you conducted a group training session or classroom-style training at your location, you would need to certify your employees for the training. We explained how to conduct such training in our How to Conduct a Group Training article. Below, you can learn how to mark your employees as complete after the group training session to track their completion in the VENZA Peak eLearning platform.

  1. First, go to the Manage drop-down menu and click Certification
  2. Over here, choose By Learning Path under the first dropdown box, titled Module
    • Check the Active status box to narrow down the search
    • Check the Learning path status box and select Incomplete
  3. Next, check the Group box
    • Ensure the property or department you want to view is selected
  4. Now click Display Results
    • You now have a list of employees that need to be certified
  5. To certify users, you move the tick on the radio button from I (Incomplete) to C (Complete)
    • You may perform this action for multiple users on one page
  6. Click Save at the bottom left
    • You are prompted to enter a date and pertinent notes about training in a pop-up window
    • This promotes integrity and provides traceability across the platform as the details are shown to all users with Administrator access
  7. Lastly, click Save

The users are now certified! Please note it might take up to 24 hours for the Training Percentage Report to show the change in completion.

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