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How to Conduct a Group Training

Group training is a very efficient method to expose staff to VENZA courses. This is ideal for those departments that do not have access to workstations. Gather those who need to take the courses, head over to the conference room, and cast up the videos. It is just that simple!


  1. Set up in a conference room/training room/breakroom – whenever convenient
    • You will need one computer or tablet to play the courses
  2. Start the training by passing the sign-in sheet
  3. Have everyone fill in their first name, last name, and signature. This will be your proof in case of audit/breach   
  4. Log in to your Venza account and play the Basic Informational Security Courses 
    • You can do this either from your own account
    • Or go to Manage Dashboard, select Resources and then choose your preferred language (English, French, Chinese, Spanish or German) and then click the blue arrow to continue to the training videos
  5. Play the required courses
  6. After playing the required videos, have each associate sign the Group Training Sign-in Sheet
    • You will need the Sign-in Sheet for the next step of certification; it will also serve as a paper trail in the event of a breach or an audit                   

Using our Activity Sheets in the Resources Section, you can make the training more engaging and fun. In the Resources section, you will also find Instruction Packets – these contain some strategies for running the group training, additional materials, taking notes, etc.

You can wrap up by going through the Basic Assessment with your team to check what they remember.

You can also utilize our Proctored Training – read more about this 15 minute live webinar over here. After conducting your group training, you would need to certify your employees to mark them as complete for their training. You can follow our step-by-step instructions in the How to certify your employees article over here!

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