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How to Delete Incorrect Bulk-Uploaded Users

Perhaps you have made a mistake in your CSV but did not catch it before uploading? This is possible even if you followed the instructions in our How to Bulk-Upload Users. The good news is that this can easily be remedied no matter which fields contain the mistakes.

A common example is displayed below. Password1 is entered, but the password becomes a sequence when it was when dragged down the column.

After you identify a mistake, you will need to delete all users that have been uploaded with the mistake – a wrong password, user name, etc. – and then upload them again with the corrections.

Please note that deleting a user is a permanent action that cannot be reversed; all training data and history will be lost. Ensure that the Delete function is performed before your users have logged in to the platform and begun their training. Should you need help fixing any incorrectly uploaded users after starting their training, please reach out to VENZA – we are happy to help you preserve their learning history!

How to delete a user list

  1. First, change the Operation on the CSV.
    • In column R of the template, change the A (as in Activate) to D (Delete)
  2. Go to VENZA Peak and upload the CSV.
    • On the first screen, you will be notified that “no users have been found”
      Select “Next Step
  3. The next page is for moving users from one group to another.
    • If you have uploaded users to the wrong property or department, you can bulk-move them by putting M (as in Move) in the Operation column on your sheet and then selecting the correct group on this screen.
  4. To delete the user, select Next Step once again.
    • Now select all users you want to delete and click Save
  5. After deleting users that have been uploaded with incorrect data, go back to your CSV, correct the mistake and change the operation back to A (as in Activate)

Now, you can upload the user list again with the correct information.

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