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How to Reset an Employee’s Password

Whether you have administrative access or not, resetting a password is a simple task. If you do not have administrative access, please see this article on resetting your own password. If you do have administrative access, you can easily help them out by following the steps below!

How to reset a password for your employee:

  1. First, log in to your account in the Venza Peak platform or LMS

  2. Then navigate to the Manage drop-down menu
    Over here choose User Manager from the selection available

  3. Now you can either display list of all your employees, or you can search for a specific user

    We recommend clicking Search for a specific user and looking the employee up by their first or last name or their login. You can also use this search function to narrow your employee list down to a specific department.

  4. Once you locate the account of the employee who is not able to log in, click on the Edit button on the right-hand side of your screen

  5. In the Password and Re-password fields, insert the Default password from your Quick Reference Guide

  6. Scroll down and click on Save

Your employee’s password is now reset! Please let them know to log in to the platform using the default password. They will be prompted to update their password in Security Settings. When asked to enter “old password,” they will enter the default password once more.

Should your colleague still be experiencing issues while trying to log in, please ask them to submit a support ticket by emailing us at or direct them to the Live Chat on this site.

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