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How Do I Take My Training?

To take your training in the Venza Peak platform:

  1. Log in using the web address provided by your eLearning Manager; this can also be found in the Quick Reference Guide.

    If using our shared environment, VENZA Peak, with the following web address will apply: The slash will follow the URL specific to your Hotel Management Company.

    If your management company subscribes to a private learning portal, you will need to contact your eLearning Manager for this web address.

  2. Select a question from the list in the first drop-down and provide an answer

    Repeat this step for Question 2.

  3. Provide a PIN and a new password.

    When asked for an old password, enter the default password once more.
    The purpose of these security measures is so that you can reset your password if need be.

  4. Click My Courses

  5. Here you will find a list of your courses.

    Only Core courses are required; electives are not required, but they are a valuable resource.

  6. Click the first available Take button to begin.

    For most courses, you will have the option to select one of 5 languages in which you would like the courses played.

If you need assistance with login credentials or need a password reset, please reach out to the eLearning Manager at your location or contact Venza Customer service by starting Live Chat or email us at

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