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Tap into a library of relevant how-to articles that will aid you in training staff and managing your VENZA eLearning portal.

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Explore articles that will aid you in reaching PCI DSS compliance and completing your Self Assessment Questionnaires.

Introducing the VENZA System™

Get to know the new VENZA System™, an advanced platform designed to elevate your organization’s security and compliance efforts. With our enhanced risk dashboard, effortlessly assess your composite risk score and gain valuable insights from individual, team, and organizational climate measurements. Experience simplified group and user management, along with aggregated Executive Summary reports and Group Summaries. Unlock detailed insights into your training progress and phishing susceptibility, aided by our new data visualization features and historical comparison data.

Live Training Opportunities

From reaching PCI DSS compliance and navigating our eLearning platform, to training your staff on cybersecurity and data protection, the VENZA team offers live sessions to educate your teams, guide you and address your questions.

VENZA SAQ Demonstration

Sign up here to join the Security Team for a 30-minute live webinar that offers an overview of VENZA's PCI DSS assessment process based on PCI DSS SAQs. We will dive into the Self Assessment Questionnaire process, internal assessment and other services around achieving PCI DSS compliance.

VENZA System™ Demonstration

Sign up here to join the Customer Success Team on a 30-minute live screen sharing session, learn about the administrative functions available to Training Champions and discover how to navigate the VENZA eLearning platform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Live Proctored Training

Live classroom eLearning may just be the solution you were looking for. Register your team here for this 15-minute live training that introduces the basics of information security, phishing and social engineering. Certify your entire team for their PCI DSS training efficiently with our live webinar.

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