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How to Print Out your Certificate

Why is it important to have a training certificate? 

The certificate serves as proof of training completion on a specific date, which is important in case of an audit or incident. You want to be able to demonstrate that you took the relevant courses, if needed.

How long am I compliant after I finish my training?

One year from the date of training completion.

Should I print out my training certificate, or is it sufficient to know how to find it on the LMS?

Although VENZA does not require you to print out a training certificate of completion, your corporate team may require you to do so. You should check with your eLearning Manager / Corporate team to find out if paper copies are required in house.

  1. After finishing the core courses, a certificate will populate on top of your courses on the My Courses page.

  2. Once you click on Certificate, the certificate will open in a separate window.

    The certificate should show the employee’s first name and last name as stated in their profile, as well as the date the training was completed.

  3. To save the certificate to your computer, right-click on the document and choose Save As.

    Alternatively, you can locate the Download arrow at the top or bottom of your screen.

  4. To print out your certificate, right-click on the document and select Print, or hit CTRL+P on your keyboard (CMD+P on Mac).

    Alternatively, you can locate the Print button at the top or bottom of the screen.

Are you an eLearning Manager, GM, or Training Champion at your property and are wondering how to find certificates for all your employees? Read the following article to find out more!

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