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Phishing Simulations with VENZA

To train personnel to recognize and report phishing attempts, VENZA provides phishing campaigns as part of the Denali and Everest packages. These simulations help to strengthen the human firewall and increase the level of informational security awareness.

Educational or Deceptive?

Campaigns can be educational or deceptive. In a deceptive campaign, VENZA does not inform hotel employees that a phishing simulation is taking place. This type of campaign simulates a real-world phishing attack meaning employees are not told they submitted information to a fraudulent page, or in this case, that they have been phished by VENZA. For example, around Valentine’s Day, you may want to send out a phishing campaign masking itself as a coupon for sending flowers. Or, around the end of the year, an employee reward template may be appropriate.

It is up to the Corporate team of your hotel management company or the eLearning manager at the property to inform their users that they failed a phishing exercise. In an educational campaign, if an employee falls for the simulation and submits their personal data, they are brought to a page that informs them they failed. The employee receives an instant feedback on their actions and can learn from the mistake.

VENZA updates the available phishing simulation templates regularly to reflect the most current developments in the cybersecurity world. Contact us to find out what templates are available and to schedule a special campaign based on your needs. 

How did my team perform?

VENZA tracks which employees click on the link in the phishing email and who submits their credentials.

The detailed results of the simulation are always available to clients’ corporate teams and eLearning Managers in the VENZA PEAK platform or their private LMS. We also follow up on the campaigns, providing the results and our prescriptive guidance.

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