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Venza’s Mission Statement

VENZA is a data security company that provides educational tools and security measures to the hospitality industry. It is our goal to empower you to tackle cybercrime by keeping you informed of the latest scams being used.

Drawing on decades of experience, VENZA can help you mitigate your data security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance, keeping your guests and their data safe from breaches. By delivering a security solution for readiness, reassurance and response, VENZA offers 360-degree visibility for proactive management of risks—so you can focus on guest service and build trust in your brand.

Employees are the first line of defense; we refer to them as your human firewall. VENZA arms your human firewall with prevention, protection and intelligence tools to become your strongest asset in fighting security and data fraud.

Preserving confidentiality and securing data is crucial, which is why VENZA is the solution for protection. Aligning with PCI DSS standards can sound intimidating; VENZA provides tools to help simplify the process and put you on the right path to compliance.

For more information regarding VENZA Products (such as GDPR, HR Suite, MSP, Privacy Regulation, CCPA, and more), please visit our website. Trust that VENZA will serve as your guide on this journey.

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Venza’s Vision Statement

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