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What Is Spot Check Awareness Audit?

The Spot Check Awareness Audit (SCAA) is one facet of your Training and Awareness program with VENZA, in the form of a survey. This is an optional survey to which one may direct staff members; it polls employees’ knowledge, overall feelings and relevancy of data security within their role and is broken down by department. In short, this sampling is a tool one may use to identify potential cybersecurity risks within specific departments. This survey can be taken taken twice during the program year.

Each employee is able to access the Spot Check in My Courses. It is labelled Elective because your employees do not have to participate in it in order to be compliant. If one decides not to participate in the Spot Check Awareness Audit, status of Training Percentage will not be affected.

Directions: Inform staff of optional participation at the one month mark and again after month 6 in your program year with VENZA. Employees simply click the Take button on the SCAA row in My Courses. The questionnaire begins with entering name and department; eight short questions regarding data security will follow.

If you have the role of Manager or Administrator in VENZA Peak / your private LMS, you can assess the results of the SCAA by visiting the Intel Dashboard. To gather representative data, VENZA recommends at least 10-15% of employees at each property and cross-departmental participate in SCAA.

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