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What is Phishing and how can VENZA help?

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails to acquire access or information. The word ‘phishing’ comes from the analogy of an angler throwing a baited hook (the phishing email) and hoping someone will bite (the target).

VENZA’s goal is to help you, your organization, and your team protect your personal information, the data of your company, and the data of your guests. With VENZA’s help, you can increase your organization’s level of awareness and prevent costly breaches.

How do cybercriminals acquire sensitive data?

In a typical phishing effort, a target (or targets) are contacted through email by someone who is posing as a legitimate individual or institution to lure the target into providing unauthorized access or sensitive data like personally identifiable information, credit card details, login credentials, etc.

The goal of phishing is to trick the email recipient into believing that they want or need to do something. The phishing message could resemble a request from their bank, information from another department at work, a request from a colleague, a gift certificate, a bonus coupon, or anything that might get a target to act. Phishing emails often include a link to click or an attachment to download. The information provided by the target is then used to access important accounts and can result in identity theft and financial loss.

How can VENZA help?

In order to train personnel to recognize and report phishing attempts, VENZA provides phishing campaigns as part of the Denali and Everest packages. These simulations help to strengthen the human firewall and increase the level of informational security awareness at your organization.

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