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Training Your Employees With Venza

This article will provide you with an overview of the training modules that are available. Do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Representative or our Sales Team should you have questions or if you would like details on new products and services available.

Information Security Training with VENZA

The InfoSec training will provide the necessary knowledge around data security, cybersecurity threats, as well as best practices to keep the information of your organization, your guests and your employees safe. Our short e-learning modules educate on Personally Identifiable Information, and basic principles of PCI DSS.

We recommend the following set-up:

  • InfoSec Basic
    • Basic learners encounter lessons that communicate the fundamentals of data security and privacy. Consisting of both foundational requirements outlined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), as well as essentials for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII), this learning curriculum satisfies compliance necessities in addition to providing tools to recognize criminal behavior and mitigate risk.
    • This training is recommended for hourly staff, and associates that do not hold fiduciary responsibilities of the business (Food and Beverage, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Front Desk)
  • InfoSec Intermediate
    • Intermediate learners encounter lessons that broaden their understanding of the impact that data security and privacy risk has on businesses. This curriculum consists of analyses of real-world breach examples, statistics, as well as organizational policy implications and recommendations.
    • We recommend this training be assigned to Senior Managers of the business (GMs, HRDs, Managers)
  • InfoSec Advanced
    • Expert learners encounter lessons that address the technical considerations businesses must take to mitigate data security and privacy risk. This curriculum consists of system configuration best practices—from testing and validating to protection options and incident response.
    • The most advanced training is recommended for those that are IT personnel and are accountable for the information security configurations of the business. An example may be the Network Engineer. This assignment may only be at the corporate level.

  • InfoSec Overview
    • Ideal concise training for second-year learners. This course provides an engaging and fresh look, while addressing essentials of PCI DSS, PII and Privacy Regulation.

Our learning experience is customizable; we can provide you with alternative options that will tailor eLearning to best suit your teams’ needs.

Additionally, VENZA offers various resources to maintain engagement. Breakroom posters, activity sheets and quizzes not only reinforce our training, but keep data security top-of mind.

Specific Training Targeting Hospitality Industry Needs

On top of Information Security training, VENZA provides several bonus modules that help you keep your company and employees on track.

HR Suite

Comprehensive HR Suite is updated continually in order to align with statutory regulations, specifically referencing human trafficking and sexual harassment in hospitality. VENZA’s content undergoes an approval process at the state level and is a valuable resource for public lodging. These Human Resources courses protect your organization by educating all employees on terms, red flags, and actions to take in specific instances.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
    • Provide the legal definition of sexual harassment, as well as real-life scenarios and assessments
    • Compartmentalized separately for Employee and Manager
  • Human Trafficking Awareness
    • Promotes respect for cultures and backgrounds within the hospitality industry, while addressing human trafficking.
    • Suggests how to maneuver missteps and/or guest complaints
  • Anti-Bribery
    • Parameters for accepting gifts and rewards are outlined.
    • Emphasis on employee obligations to report corruption and bribery
    • Hospitality-specific scenarios are included to reiterate key learning points
  • Code of Conduct
    • Purpose of Code of Conduct
    • Expectations on employees workplace behavior
  • Acceptable Use
    • Detail stipulations for accessing a company’s network, website and equipment
    • Mandatory acceptance page prior to course completion.
    • Two Acceptable Use courses: Employee and Manager


As more states move toward re-opening of businesses and hotels, guidelines and precautions are necessary across the board.

  • Venza has published two COVID-19 specific courses covering state-mandated protocols outlined by the California Lodging Association, to establishing best practices during your re-opening.
  • COVID-19 informational posters are available that promote awareness of best hygiene practices, general recommendations for health and safety, as well as cybersecurity threats related to the pandemic.

As required in several states, VENZA has partnered with a provider of wearable panic buttons for situations in which employees are required to work solo. These devices may be activated in the event of harassment, assault, active shooter or other emergency. Please contact us for further information.

Privacy Regulation with VENZA

VENZA enables a privacy regulation task force through informed guidance, providing tools to assess, track and document compliance status. In addition, VENZA offers several courses related to GDPR and CCPA that will give employees an understanding of important regulations and relevancy to roles in hospitality. Objectives and history thereof are outlined in the requirements.

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