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What is the Intel Dashboard? How do I Access it?

The Intel Dashboard is an overview of the elements that fabricate VENZA’s Training and Awareness program, Phishing, eLearning, and Spot Check Awareness Audit. Here you can find useful insight into your teams’ progress and assess overall compliance.

How to access the Intel Dashboard

  1. First, sign in to your VENZA Peak profile and go to the Manage Tab

  2. Locate the Menu Bar on the left-hand side of your screen and click on Intel Dashboard

  3. You are automatically taken to the Overview Tab. This displays dials with scores for Phishing, eLearning, and Spot Check for your organization

    The dials have corresponding tabs that you may select for an in-depth view of a the desired component

Review individual program components

Here is a rundown of Phishing.  You can see campaigns that have been sent, starting with the most recent. Select the campaign of which you would like to view details; a pop-up window will appear with the results. The results include the number of emails sent, opened, how many employees followed the link, and the number of recipients that entered their credentials – ultimately taking the bait.

Here is the breakdown of eLearning. Displayed is the training compliance of your team, as well as learning paths assigned

Here is the summary of Spot Check Awareness Audit. This is an optional survey to which one may direct staff members; it polls employees’ knowledge, overall feelings and relevancy of data security within their role and is broken down by department. This survey can be taken taken twice during the program year and will be displayed as Spot Check A or B. Toggle between A and B to compare results.

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