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How to Reset your VENZA System™ Password

If you cannot log in because you forgot your unique password, do not worry; you can easily reset your VENZA System password and create a new unique password to log back in.

  1. First, click on the “Forgot your password” link to reset your password.
  2. Now, enter your login.
    • Typically, this would be your FirstName. LastName, but the format may differ based on your hotel management company.
    •  If you are unsure what your login is, please feel free to contact your supervisor, training champion, or your designated VENZA Customer Success Coach.
  3. A security code will be automatically sent to the email address associated with your profile; please copy-paste the code into the Security Code field.
  4. Now, create a new unique password.
    • Please note that your new password must be at least eight characters long, contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, and at least one number and one special character.
  5. Once you entered your new unique password, click on Reset Password.
  6. You can now log in using this new password and proceed to your eLearning.

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